And 2018 went just like that …


My jaw is dropped at the fact that tomorrow is the last day of July 2018. I’m sure yours is hanging to your chest, too, because that’s the response I get from just about everyone when the topic of time comes up. It all just flies. I haven’t been here, in this little blogging world of a space, all year. How is that? Do Instagram captions and work emails take up all the extra words and typing power? It’s possible, I suppose.

This time, I think I’ll be back for good. Not because I have to. But because I want to. Because it’s calming. Because I had two choices when I walked through my door tonight: To turn on my own laptop and blog or my work laptop and wrap up projects from today so that I feel better tomorrow. Today, the latter finally lost.

2018 has be a whew! sort of year. I’ll probably touch on some of it in later blog posts. I want to share all the happy moments so they inspire you and remind you that there is good even when we’re not so sure where. And to remind me, too.

Welcome back.

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