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I take photos that make me happy.
I love colors with a retro twist, contrast and images that make you feel something.
I love details. And those moments.
I am laid back, and love when others are comfortable.
I love quilts on flower-covered hills, cameras in hands and daisy chains on loose hair.
I love when people look at their pictures and smile so big they don’t have to tell me how great they feel.

E-mail me and I’ll shoot you (that’s a good thing):


C’mon, say hi!

Hi, xo, L.




12 Responses to Contact me

  1. Bernadette says:

    I just discovered your site while googling artist studios. Wow! Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos and allowing me to travel with you!

  2. Femke says:

    Greetings from Urban Hippies in the Netherlands

  3. Dreamy Eye says:


    I’ve following the Urban Hippie for some time now and it’s amazing content has brought me here time and again, week after week. I’ve nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ for the same reason. Please find the link to the same here:


  4. Sandra says:

    I like your style, just popped by looking for something completely different 🙂

  5. Belem Garcia-Stanley says:

    Hey Lauren. I am a freelance graphic designer from Texas. I would like to use one of your mariachi pictures for a mariachi event happening at Texas State University-San Marcos. Do I have your permission to use the photograph and if I do, how should I list the photo credit? Let me know if this is doable.

    Thanks. -Belem

  6. beth says:

    hey i love all your photos but am really interested in the old fashion looking ones, what vintage cameras do you use for them? x thank you 🙂

  7. Great photos: it made me happy looking at your site, thanks so much.

  8. hi lauren, your photos are very nice! come to Indonesia (yogyakarta) . hit me around and lets make some photos. 🙂
    its nice to know your blog…

  9. steven says:

    hey there urban hippie!! i hope all is well your way!! i was trying to watch some of your videos that i had favorited on you tube but couldnt find you or any of your videos, ie: slab city.salvation mountain and more!! what happened to your youtube channel? i,m so glad i found you here!! i love what you do so much! it reminds me of myself when i was growing up traveling around from place to place!! peace and love to you and be careful in your journeys,, write me if you make it to new orleans, i,ve got a room ready for you!!! highplainsdrifter!!!

  10. Deb Gomer says:

    Very Nice!
    Ray was right, I love your engery & fotos.
    I lv across the street from him.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hey I was looking through your photos and they’re very awesome, can you maybe give me the directions or somehow show me where those photobooths are at? I’m from brawler ca. Not to far from the salton sea and I have yet to visit those booths so if you could help me that’d be great. Thanks

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