Five Senses Monday

My sister’s birthday:lately-1So blessed by all my homemade gifts from friends. Soaps and a blown-glass ornament and jelly and granola and homegrown seasonings and a knitted infinity scarf. I feel loved.lately-2
Lights, camera, action. Working with a videographer on some work projects. Pretty fun stuff.lately-3When you talk someone into letting you on the roof at work, of course you take a (really bad) selfie:lately-4I made a friend birthday cake batter. It wasn’t that good, tbh:lately-6
It’s the season of cozy.lately-9
I wanted to love this. But I kept thinking, where’s the flavor?
The marketing fam-bam. It was an intense week, but welcomed.
I get to babysit this little guy:lately-13
Veggie pizza for my lady loves:lately-20
Road-tripping with my canine daughter:lately-21
Winter cooking in the Dutch oven:lately-22
Waiting for someone to drop a roast or platter of oysters.lately-24
She loves me, I swear:
I love this book. I’ve listened to it once all the way through and keep going back to listen to chapters for random inspiration.lately-40
Eat your veggies (in a Bloody Mary):lately-23

Five Senses Monday

Tasting: I’ve been on a PB&J kick, but I try to do it with sugar-free jelly (except for the homemade ones) and healthy bread to keep it more healthy … it’s protein, right? Coffee is definitely my favorite comfort snack, and I’m finding that a small cup around 6-ish gives me a little bit of a pick-me-up in this season that sorta makes me feel like hibernating as soon as that sun goes down. Those little tiny Dove hearts are heaven. I need to forget that I know about them.

Hearing: I listened to “The Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes on Audible, and then “Dear Mr. You” by Mary Louise Parker (Yep, the “Weeds” mom). I loved both, and having someone basically read me a bedtime story every time I get in my car is the most relaxing thing I’ve experienced in a long time.

Seeing: All the doggies loves in my life. Whether they’re my owns or friends’, they all make me happy. There’s one little Maltese pressed against my leg now. Snores included.

Smelling: I’ve been trying out a few essential oils to see what all the fuss is about. I’m using lemon because it’s basically magic, and smells good, is supposed to help with puffy eyes, and it’s good for my tummy. I’m also using a blend of oils that are supposed to have a calming effect. Who cares if I smell like a hippie all the time, right?

Feeling: Like. Whoa. In a good, busy, crazed, stressed, awesome, new way. There’s family and the finding time there. And work, balancing great changes and the excitement of recreating a marketing department and taking on new roles and making myself go home even though not everything has been checked off. And then there’s this new thing. I got a realtor. And then a lender. And now I’m, like, shopping for a home of my own! Like I said, whoa. There’s a whole lot going on. Every day it seems I tell various people that they just need to chill out and “roll with the punches” and “just go step by step.” I’m taking my own advice now.

Have a great week, friends!

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San Francisco farmer’s market with my mom

sf_market_1sf_market_2sf_market_3Today’s the Super Bowl, and I hear it’s in San Francisco. That’s right, right? I saw something about the Ferry Building vendors being disappointed because business is down with Super Bowl World or Nation or City taking over. So I’m sharing a recent trip my mom and I took to the Ferry Building and the farmers market. It’s one of my favorite things about San Francisco.

How are you going to spend your Super Bowl? I have a few avocados that have guacamole in their future, and I think we’ll meet up with a little “Transparent” I just started watching on Prime. I feel like that’s the best way to celebrate, amiright?

Enjoy these few photos of me and my momma. Getting away is definitely something we need to do more of … sf_market_4sf_market_5sf_market_6sf_market_7sf_market_8sf_market_10sf_market_11sf_market_12sf_market_13sf_market_14sf_market_15sf_market_16sf_market_20sf_market_21sf_market_22sf_market_23

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Five Senses Monday

Every time I read “The New Bohemians,” I wind up spending hours on


Well, hello there, friends. I hope you had a merry, merry Christmas with all of your loved ones. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve or plans for the new year in general? I spent this long weekend doing a lot of soul searching and planning my goals and organizing my thoughts, which I’ll slowly share here when I get them all prettified.

Until then, here is a little Five Senses Monday. Share yours, please!

Mom’s homemade tortillas that went with her homemade albondigas (that’s Mexican meatball soup … o-m-g yum). So many holiday cookies = regret. The mixture of grapefruit and lemon peels, peppermint, ginger root and cinnamon in doTerra’s Slim & Sassy essential oil supplement that is supposed to take away my cravings (so not tasty, but it feels necessary after this holiday). White chocolate peppermint Kisses (they are not allowed in my house anymore).

Can we say Adele, because she’s on all the time now, and then I sometimes even binge watch her interviews on YouTube. I’m that girl. Like so many other girls who love that lady (and by lady, I mean, someone who is younger than me but feels a lot wiser and more majestic). But I’m also listening to a ton of, and I’ll have some post on the book world soon.

A very dear friend who lives across the state surprised me one day last week and stopped for an hour visit as she drove through my little town on the way to visit her parents for Christmas. I was so happy to have that coffee date.

Highly motivated in my brain, but highly unmotivated in my bones. I think I’m just freezing (NorCal cold, what’s up?!) and so I want to stay under a blanket all the time. But I do have big plans – they’re even written down now – for my body, my home, my projects in 2016. I’m excited to come back for an update this time next year.

See: Tasting. Because all I can think of as I write this is the pungent aroma of those essential oils I’m trying to get down so I avoid my coworkers Hershey Kisses. The curse of the holidays.

For my family gift exchange, I dressed up a Chipotle gift card as an e-Coli/BYO-Lettuce gift pack. No one laughed as  much as I did, and they sent it home with me anyway. Ha!5-2
Jessie came to visit one evening last week, and we had one hour to catch up on everything that’s happened since I visited her in San Diego in October.5-3A scene I liked. Basically being creepy in Maggie’s front porch.
5-4My mom made breakfast for my sister and I, and I just liked the egg-stackage:5-5Sneaking in a few more pages before I had to run out the door. Also, I think my nails were on point last week. Home-manicure for the win.5-6

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A little life lately

5_1I bought Sandra Cisneros’ “A House of My Own: Stories from My Life.” I have always loved her writing, and I love how she takes the reader through homes of her life and describes them in such a way that we totally get where she was at moments in her life, when she was writing about whomever was special to her in that moment or writing whichever book or collection of stories would be her next biggest triumphs. I’m reading this one slowly. Savoring it.5_1aAdult coloring books. They’re a thing. You’ll probably get or give one this Christmas, I bet. I find it hard to take the time to sit and color for hours and hours, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I colored this one on a cold, cozy night. As my family watched “The Age of Adaline,” I sat at the kitchen table and listened to it. Now when I look at the different colors or shapes, I imagine scenes and dialogue from that movie.

5_2I had a hanker for Chinese on a day that I was also trying to be good. The kitchen verdict: cauliflower-fried rice. I highly, highly recommend it.5_3This is me lately. I cut my hair and don’t quite know how to to deal with it, but we’re getting there.5_4There have been some fun times lately. Likely that time we were so giggly we just pulled over and laughed and then did a photoshoot on the side of the road. And then there was that one Christmas party, too. 5_6Waking up looks like this:5_8Wine tasting so close to home:5_10These kitties have adopted us as their family. The little boy likes to run from us, but he’s starting to learn that we keep him warm with a basket and blankets on the front porch and the food he eats is from our hands. Since it’s gotten colder, their little basket has morphed into quite an elaborate fort on our porch, made out of a thick blanket and wall of AstroTurf. They are most appreciative. 5_11Painting pots. Because why not?5_12My dietitian friend Andrea and I made a photobooth at the local middle school’s Thanksgiving run. This is not the photobooth, but this is me looking like a teacher. I think it’s pretty funny and now I feel like a teacher a lot (I am not a teacher).5_13I’m so obsessed with this popcorn, especially the white chocolate peppermint one! I’m so glad I went to three stores and they didn’t have it. I’m only allowing myself to go to Raley’s for special occassions now. I think today is an okay excuse: Eve of Christmas Eve 🙂5_14What is love if not this look?5_15Birthday Week has come and gone, and it was so good.5_16

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Three days in San Diego

sd_6468Last month, when I escaped to San Diego for the weekend, I decided mini breaks are no longer optional. In just three days away from home, I was able to disconnect. To recharge. To forget all those little stressers that can get us down (but let’s be real, probably aren’t as important and stressful as we blow them up to be).

I do, however, have my friend Jessie to thank. She took me to all the cool places, where there was nothing else to do but focus on happiness and good things. It went a little like this.

Shortly after she picked up from the airport, we headed 40 miles east to a little town called Julian, known for its antiques and apples. It reminds a lot of Apple Hill, for you Northern California peeps who know about that little gem. We, of course, had apple pie a la mode!sd_6478We have a shared love of tacos, so naturally, she took me to her favorite joint. Ah-maz-ing.sd_6640And one day, there was pizza and beer. I love the pineapple hard cider.  So good. sd_6705sd_6784Out and about in our dresses. Because it still felt like summer in October.sd_6834Hooray for beach day. This is actually her office. Oh, that marine biology life. I’d take a piece of that.sd_6778sd_6851sd_6854One morning we waiting in line for Donut Bar in Downtown San Diego. Holy cow — those were some good donuts!sd_7009sd-20 copysd_6866sd_7010sd_7011Yep, that’s a Pop-Tart in a donut!sd_7012sd-21sd_7015sd_7016We hung at one of Jessie’s fave coffeehouses, and I felt like a college student again. Love it.sd_7100Jessie introduced me to my favorite store of all time, Pigment. They have such fun stuff, as well as a whole side of the building dedicated to terrariums.sd_6913Girls out on the the short ride home. Goodbye, San Diego.sd_7054

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Visiting Jessie | San Diego

sd_6481Man, wouldn’t you like to live here? Like right here, nestled between the setting sun and the tree swing? I call shotgun on that. I say, Life, bring it. Well, my friend Jessie lives as close to this tree swing and that sunset as you can get. Why? Because she’s smart. No, really, she’s really, really smart. She’s getting her Ph. D in marine biology smart. She studies algae and how to turn it into biofuel (how?). And not only that, she’s like the super coolest person you’ll ever meet.

But this is where she lives, and I fell all sorts of in love with San Diego while I was there. And I fell in love with my friend even more because we always virtually joke that we are the same person, but in person, we’re even more the same. And it’s a beautiful thing. So here is a little look at our venture to the bluff near her home. And her boyfriend, Juan — her Juan-and-only and her Mr.-Juan-der-ful (oh gosh, there are so many of these …). You are loves. Can’t wait to visit again. sd_6483sd-15 sd_6486 sd_6636 sd_6637 sd_6648sd-17 sd_6950 sd_6953 sd_6955 sd_6980 sd_7042 sd_7043 sd_7044 sd_7045  sd-16

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The San Diego Weekend | Little Italy’s Farmer’s Market

sd_6728Oh San Diego, you won me over. Not only has my soul sista friend found home in your sunshine arms, you — oh, you, beautiful San Diego — are every bit of cliche I expected, and I loved every piece of it. For most of my life, I thought you were this strange vortex and that all your peeps lived in a bubble, but I gotta say, I’d sorta be willing to inhabit that bubble.

Friends, you know I love California with all my heart, but I’m a latecomer to the San Diego lovefest. I visited a dear friend a few weeks ago, and she showed me every spot she knew I would love: this farmers market, her favorite coffee shops, tree swings on bluffs, views, taco joints, delicious pizza and her cozy couch where we gabbed for hours until we forced ourselves to shut up and have digital fiestas (aka Instagram posting hours). I have lots more to show you of this trip, and I promise it will be sooner than later. Thank you for visiting, dear friends.

sd-2sd_6682sd_6712 sd_6699 sd_6711  sd_6895 sd_6716 sd_6718 sd_6720 sd_6722 sd_6723 sd_6724 sd_6725     sd-1sd_6726

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