Oh, summer: All the little things that have me excited

Summertime, anyone? It’s June 1, and in my mind, that’s the unofficial start of the summer season. As a kid, it was always the beginning of three months of pruny fingers from too many hours in the water, hot mountain adventures, and maximum book and popsicle consumption. As an adult, I’ve realized it’s all too easy let summer pass while we’re in offices and going about our regular routines. Intentionality is key, I’ve learned. I don’t have big, exotic trips planned for this summer (buying a new home is taking priority over that), but I’m going to grab every summery opportunity — pick up every shell, plan more backyard barbecues, stay up late too many times, dine outside as much as possible, paddle board all the time, hop on as many impromptu trips as possible and enjoy it all with the people I’m blessed to have in my life.

I made a little list that I’ll update and add to throughout the season. What are your plans for this lovely summer?

Things I’m looking forward to this summer

Collecting sand dollars on the Pismo seashore at sunrise.

Spending at least three nights in a row by the ocean.

Camping with friends.

Frolicking in flower fields with cameras in hand.

Buying a new home.

Learning that new home.

Hanging the hammock.

Cooking and sharing fresh summer meals with friends.

Becoming a farmers market regular.

Paddling. Lots of it.

Getting cozy at a drive-in.

Making a summer reading list.

Perfecting a new iced coffee recipe.

Exploring Nevada City.

Sitting on picnic blankets and under trees at summer concerts.

Running a mile without stopping.

Picking blackberries until my fingers are stained.

Growing things from seed.

Tucking my feet into sun-soaked sand for as long as it takes to start and finish a good book.

Making movie nights happen.


Picking wildflowers.

Learning to propagate succulents and other plants.

Sitting around bonfires, campfires and fire pits.

Impromptu daytripping.

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1 Response to Oh, summer: All the little things that have me excited

  1. Great list of summer adventures!

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