Five Senses Monday

Five Senses Monday

Happy Monday to you all!

Five Senses Monday was a series I did for many years as way to reflect on the comings and goings of the last few days. I was inspired by other bloggers who did similar series’, and I would love for you to play along in the comments, on your own blog or on your Instagram.

A friend’s most amazing pasta sauce made from tomatoes and bell peppers blackened over the fire. Lemony goodness in a random, Googled cookie recipe that has turned into a favorite. Bleu cheese — so much bleu cheese.

My vegetable soup in the Instant Pot, my slight attempt to meal prep on this long weekend. Solace Essence by ambre blends, a fragrance I happy tracked down with a friend and am still getting whiffs of occasionally. Campfire smoke leftover in two-day hair.

My sweet friends’ faces over this long weekend. Thankful for an impromptu movie date, many clinking cheers, a taco night, a backyard barbecue, bad comedy at a good winery, a roadtrip just for breakfast, girl talk in the hot tub, open-house hunting and long, lingering walks — all with some of my favorite people.

Blessed. For what I have. And what’s to come, even if I don’t know exactly what that is yet.

ASMR. Have you listened yet? I know so many people who use it to go to sleep, but I find that I’m just too intrigued to drift off.

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