San Francisco farmer’s market with my mom

sf_market_1sf_market_2sf_market_3Today’s the Super Bowl, and I hear it’s in San Francisco. That’s right, right? I saw something about the Ferry Building vendors being disappointed because business is down with Super Bowl World or Nation or City taking over. So I’m sharing a recent trip my mom and I took to the Ferry Building and the farmers market. It’s one of my favorite things about San Francisco.

How are you going to spend your Super Bowl? I have a few avocados that have guacamole in their future, and I think we’ll meet up with a little “Transparent” I just started watching on Prime. I feel like that’s the best way to celebrate, amiright?

Enjoy these few photos of me and my momma. Getting away is definitely something we need to do more of … sf_market_4sf_market_5sf_market_6sf_market_7sf_market_8sf_market_10sf_market_11sf_market_12sf_market_13sf_market_14sf_market_15sf_market_16sf_market_20sf_market_21sf_market_22sf_market_23

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