Five Senses Monday

Every time I read “The New Bohemians,” I wind up spending hours on


Well, hello there, friends. I hope you had a merry, merry Christmas with all of your loved ones. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve or plans for the new year in general? I spent this long weekend doing a lot of soul searching and planning my goals and organizing my thoughts, which I’ll slowly share here when I get them all prettified.

Until then, here is a little Five Senses Monday. Share yours, please!

Mom’s homemade tortillas that went with her homemade albondigas (that’s Mexican meatball soup … o-m-g yum). So many holiday cookies = regret. The mixture of grapefruit and lemon peels, peppermint, ginger root and cinnamon in doTerra’s Slim & Sassy essential oil supplement that is supposed to take away my cravings (so not tasty, but it feels necessary after this holiday). White chocolate peppermint Kisses (they are not allowed in my house anymore).

Can we say Adele, because she’s on all the time now, and then I sometimes even binge watch her interviews on YouTube. I’m that girl. Like so many other girls who love that lady (and by lady, I mean, someone who is younger than me but feels a lot wiser and more majestic). But I’m also listening to a ton of, and I’ll have some post on the book world soon.

A very dear friend who lives across the state surprised me one day last week and stopped for an hour visit as she drove through my little town on the way to visit her parents for Christmas. I was so happy to have that coffee date.

Highly motivated in my brain, but highly unmotivated in my bones. I think I’m just freezing (NorCal cold, what’s up?!) and so I want to stay under a blanket all the time. But I do have big plans – they’re even written down now – for my body, my home, my projects in 2016. I’m excited to come back for an update this time next year.

See: Tasting. Because all I can think of as I write this is the pungent aroma of those essential oils I’m trying to get down so I avoid my coworkers Hershey Kisses. The curse of the holidays.

For my family gift exchange, I dressed up a Chipotle gift card as an e-Coli/BYO-Lettuce gift pack. No one laughed as  much as I did, and they sent it home with me anyway. Ha!5-2
Jessie came to visit one evening last week, and we had one hour to catch up on everything that’s happened since I visited her in San Diego in October.5-3A scene I liked. Basically being creepy in Maggie’s front porch.
5-4My mom made breakfast for my sister and I, and I just liked the egg-stackage:5-5Sneaking in a few more pages before I had to run out the door. Also, I think my nails were on point last week. Home-manicure for the win.5-6

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