A little life lately

5_1I bought Sandra Cisneros’ “A House of My Own: Stories from My Life.” I have always loved her writing, and I love how she takes the reader through homes of her life and describes them in such a way that we totally get where she was at moments in her life, when she was writing about whomever was special to her in that moment or writing whichever book or collection of stories would be her next biggest triumphs. I’m reading this one slowly. Savoring it.5_1aAdult coloring books. They’re a thing. You’ll probably get or give one this Christmas, I bet. I find it hard to take the time to sit and color for hours and hours, but when I do, I really enjoy it. I colored this one on a cold, cozy night. As my family watched “The Age of Adaline,” I sat at the kitchen table and listened to it. Now when I look at the different colors or shapes, I imagine scenes and dialogue from that movie.

5_2I had a hanker for Chinese on a day that I was also trying to be good. The kitchen verdict: cauliflower-fried rice. I highly, highly recommend it.5_3This is me lately. I cut my hair and don’t quite know how to to deal with it, but we’re getting there.5_4There have been some fun times lately. Likely that time we were so giggly we just pulled over and laughed and then did a photoshoot on the side of the road. And then there was that one Christmas party, too. 5_6Waking up looks like this:5_8Wine tasting so close to home:5_10These kitties have adopted us as their family. The little boy likes to run from us, but he’s starting to learn that we keep him warm with a basket and blankets on the front porch and the food he eats is from our hands. Since it’s gotten colder, their little basket has morphed into quite an elaborate fort on our porch, made out of a thick blanket and wall of AstroTurf. They are most appreciative. 5_11Painting pots. Because why not?5_12My dietitian friend Andrea and I made a photobooth at the local middle school’s Thanksgiving run. This is not the photobooth, but this is me looking like a teacher. I think it’s pretty funny and now I feel like a teacher a lot (I am not a teacher).5_13I’m so obsessed with this popcorn, especially the white chocolate peppermint one! I’m so glad I went to three stores and they didn’t have it. I’m only allowing myself to go to Raley’s for special occassions now. I think today is an okay excuse: Eve of Christmas Eve 🙂5_14What is love if not this look?5_15Birthday Week has come and gone, and it was so good.5_16

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