Three days in San Diego

sd_6468Last month, when I escaped to San Diego for the weekend, I decided mini breaks are no longer optional. In just three days away from home, I was able to disconnect. To recharge. To forget all those little stressers that can get us down (but let’s be real, probably aren’t as important and stressful as we blow them up to be).

I do, however, have my friend Jessie to thank. She took me to all the cool places, where there was nothing else to do but focus on happiness and good things. It went a little like this.

Shortly after she picked up from the airport, we headed 40 miles east to a little town called Julian, known for its antiques and apples. It reminds a lot of Apple Hill, for you Northern California peeps who know about that little gem. We, of course, had apple pie a la mode!sd_6478We have a shared love of tacos, so naturally, she took me to her favorite joint. Ah-maz-ing.sd_6640And one day, there was pizza and beer. I love the pineapple hard cider.  So good. sd_6705sd_6784Out and about in our dresses. Because it still felt like summer in October.sd_6834Hooray for beach day. This is actually her office. Oh, that marine biology life. I’d take a piece of that.sd_6778sd_6851sd_6854One morning we waiting in line for Donut Bar in Downtown San Diego. Holy cow — those were some good donuts!sd_7009sd-20 copysd_6866sd_7010sd_7011Yep, that’s a Pop-Tart in a donut!sd_7012sd-21sd_7015sd_7016We hung at one of Jessie’s fave coffeehouses, and I felt like a college student again. Love it.sd_7100Jessie introduced me to my favorite store of all time, Pigment. They have such fun stuff, as well as a whole side of the building dedicated to terrariums.sd_6913Girls out on the the short ride home. Goodbye, San Diego.sd_7054

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