Visiting Jessie | San Diego

sd_6481Man, wouldn’t you like to live here? Like right here, nestled between the setting sun and the tree swing? I call shotgun on that. I say, Life, bring it. Well, my friend Jessie lives as close to this tree swing and that sunset as you can get. Why? Because she’s smart. No, really, she’s really, really smart. She’s getting her Ph. D in marine biology smart. She studies algae and how to turn it into biofuel (how?). And not only that, she’s like the super coolest person you’ll ever meet.

But this is where she lives, and I fell all sorts of in love with San Diego while I was there. And I fell in love with my friend even more because we always virtually joke that we are the same person, but in person, we’re even more the same. And it’s a beautiful thing. So here is a little look at our venture to the bluff near her home. And her boyfriend, Juan — her Juan-and-only and her Mr.-Juan-der-ful (oh gosh, there are so many of these …). You are loves. Can’t wait to visit again. sd_6483sd-15 sd_6486 sd_6636 sd_6637 sd_6648sd-17 sd_6950 sd_6953 sd_6955 sd_6980 sd_7042 sd_7043 sd_7044 sd_7045  sd-16

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