A little of life lately

When the farmers market still comes through,even at the end of the season:life_5633Babysitting this little survivor:life_7511Dabitty Kitty doesn’t run as much as she used to. Look, she’s even posing: life_7504’80s birthday party in spin class because my instructor is the coolest instructor, ever: life_7493 life_7492Tis the season for poms!life_7465Hearty breakfast at the farm:  life_7357We be so silly: life_7330Table for two, please: life_7327 life_7300 life_7298Birthday week is in full progress. Projects are getting done:life_7292This is what happens when my local bead store closes and sells everything for a buck: life_7273For my writer friends. Totally. life_7051

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