Life Lately

5-1^^ Grandma and Grandpa came over for burgers and watermelon on a Sunday afternoon. Grandma and I usually try to sneak out for a little thrifting break, but this time, I introduced her to jewelry heaven at Charming Charlie.5-2^^ I’ve been trying to catch up on some of the books I’ve purchased and never finished. I recently finished “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” by Mindy Kaling. What books are you reading?5-3^^ I photographed a 50th birthday party last weekend. It was a beautiful backyard shindig, and I just really like this guzzling-beer-in-the-golden-light moment. 5-4^^ I picked Anaheim peppers at my dad’s and decided to make a giant random casserole out of them. I could have stuffed them, but I figured chopping them would make the dish go farther. I cooked up ground turkey with onions and garlic and then mixed it all together with the diced peppers, diced squash, kale and cheese. It was pretty yummy, especially when I topped it with sour cream.5-55-75-6^^ Last week’s sunrises and sunsets were amazing.

5-95-8^^ I had a few food and travel stories run in the San Francisco Chronicle recently. It was a special travel section on Lodi, so it was fun to see what’s new so close to home.
5-11^^ She watched while I sat on the floor making earrings on a Saturday morning. 5-14^^ My canine niece, LeeLoo. 5-13^^ My real niece and nephew. Those faces! 5-12^^ Celebrating Sophia’s 100% math test with root beer floats, dark chocolate cake and chocolate wine. 5-15^^ I went to a conference for work recently, which means I spent evenings drinking coffee and wine and eating Whole Foods trail mix in bed while watching HGTV. It was the best. Also, I flipping love this Stumptown Cold Brew. 5-175-195-165-20

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