Olvera Street

olvera_1 olvera_2 olvera_3 olvera_4 olvera_5 olvera_7 olvera_8 olvera_9 olvera_10 olvera_11 olvera_12 olvera_13 olvera_15 olvera_16 olvera_20 olvera_21Aw, it’s been a few weeks since I last looked through these photos of a morning spent on Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Flipping through them now, I feel all warm and fuzzy and a pull to fly south again and spend many more mornings with one of my very best soul sisters and her darling family. On this morning – my last morning in Long Beach – I woke up in my bed in the loft that hung over the living room below, where my adopted nieces were playing with their kitten in their pajamas. After a lingering and slow morning, we loaded the family into the car and headed to Olvera Street, a colorful Mexican-inspired tourist area in one of LA’s historic districts. It was this little family I visited several years ago when they were living in Mexico City. It’s funny to walk through Americanized Mexican markets with Rodrigo because he likes to roll his eyes at the prices Sheryl and I are willing to pay for clay pottery and hand-crafted silver rings when we know perfectly well we could get it all cheaper in his native country. “But I’m not going to Mexico anytime soon,” we tell him as we hand over too much cash to the store owner. So this is Olvera. It’s a tradition that will continue with every visit to the south land – I can only hope. 

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