Thoughts for a Tuesday

5-4^ Raiding my dad’s garden. 5-10
^ Kitschy dream catchers.5-9a
^ Almond latte.5-9
^ A morning in Midtown Sacramento with Maggie.5-85-6
^ Pie + TV debate. Go Merica.5-5
^ Mmm, homegrown breakfast.

Thoughts for a Tuesday

  • I deleted 46,000 photos from my MacBook today, and it feels so good. They were all stashed in iPhoto, even though I back them up weekly on an external hard drive (because I’m the worst tech faker, ever, and don’t like the Cloud or the idea that I have to pay for more storage and really just don’t feel like dealing with it).
  • You know that feeling when you can almost breathe? My dad is out of the hospital now; I managed to finish and turn in five freelance stories; and I’m sooo close to finishing up the website that’s launching on Friday for a local business. Now my mantras are: “No more side jobs for an indefinite amount of time” and “Let’s buy all the plane tickets now.”
  • Speaking of planes, I booked a flight for a long weekend in Long Beach, my college stomping grounds. I’m super excited and anxious to go, but worried my favorite jaunts are going to be all modernized.
  • I started watching “Playing House” while creating aforementioned website. Oh my gosh – how has it been on for two seasons and I’ve never heard of it?! It’s just the right amount of “me” that I’ve been craving in a binge-worthy show.
  • And, guys, can we just talk about garden tomatoes and my addiction? I literally had to ask a doctor this week if I was ruining my stomach lining with them. But nope, it’s all good (she did recommend sleep, though).

That’s all, folks. What’s going on our there in your worlds? xoxox

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One Response to Thoughts for a Tuesday

  1. Tina Lewis says:

    You the most beautiful person. Stay the way GOD intended for you to be. You brighten my day.

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