Five Senses Monday

1 Despite the fact that it’s nearing 2 a.m. and I’ve been waiting in the emergency room with my dad (he’s ok, btw) for 8 hours, this weekend was pretty sweet. It started off sort of straining. I stayed up late Friday and woke up early Saturday to work on side projects that have been stressing me out a little. But then I got out, and did a little photoshoot of a local biz person who needed some pretty pictures. And then I met up with one of my favorite humans, and we just had an afternoon to do whatever the heck we wanted. Turns out, I really needed to get out of my head and out of my projects and do something completely different for just a few hours. Do you ever have to do that?

I have pics of a lot of those hours, naturally. But first, let’s do this:

Five Senses Monday
(Play along! This is where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses)

Tasting: Buttered popcorn in the movie theater, where I felt like I hadn’t been in years and years. Homemade banana bread and fresh fruit at the farm stand restaurant; the best. So many tomatoes … I try for homegrown, but if I can’t, the organic farmer at the market has ones that are just as good.

Hearing: Oh ya know, some Adele, because I felt like belting it out to myself in the car. A little saxophone on the patio.

Smelling: That same buttered popcorn in the theater. Vinegar on my caprese salads.

Feeling: Exhausted right now and anxious to go home; obviously not inspired. Freezing  toes (though I’m glad I had a pair of long pants stuffed in my office desk drawer because I changed into shorts before leaving on Friday). Excited for deadlines to be over and weekend trips to commence!

Seeing: So many screens. At the theater. The interactive touchscreen I’m programming at work. The ones I’m writing stories. The phone I stared at for six hours in the waiting room a little bit ago.

And now, the photos:

Live music on a Saturday afternoon:
2Wandering downtown:3Wining and listening to the sounds:4
We started the afternoon in the pool, then wined-and-dined, saw a movie and then went back home and crashed. And then there is breakfast. Always breakfast.5This afternoon, I went to my dad’s house after he called and wasn’t feeling so hot. Summer was happening there:6
I got my tomatoes. 87a
And tasted garden cantaloupe, too:
9And this. Right now:
Thanks for reading, friends!

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