Shopping day in Palo Alto

palo_1   palo_2Some days, you just have to get out of your element for a couple of hours. Am I right?

My sister, niece and I decided to do just that a couple of weekends ago when we ended up in Palo Alto at the Stanford Shopping Center. I eyed the Free People store and immediately thought, “gimme gimme gimme!” And yep, those blue circle sunnies went home with me. I also filled my purse with a sprays and creams from L’Occitane, because, well, I never, ever buy myself good body goo, and I just felt like I should. So far, my skin is thanking me.

The other stores didn’t really do it for me. It’s fun to browse the designer racks, but give me a thrift store or at least an Urban Outfitters (which we did find, too). What did do it for me, though, was the hummus in the Nordstrom’s restaurant and the French fries I snuck off Emmelia’s plate. Sharing is caring. ; )

palo_8palo_6palo_11 palo_4palo_5

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