Five Senses Monday

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Five Senses Monday

A yummy Caprese tart, so fresh and summery. Creamsicles, the orange ones. My favorite burger, the one with the Ortega chili slices hanging over the bun. More and more summer cucumbers. Homemade chili, because I had a craving.

My first partial marathon of “Real Housewives.” I shamefully confessed this a bunch of people and they all responded with, “Oh, I record them all!” A photo my mom found: Me wearing blue sunglasses, not unlike ones I’ve been wearing lately. Also, the beautiful pages of my new favorite home interior book, “The New Bohemians.”

My sister; bits and pieces of her phone conversation with her dad, my stepdad, distraught and sobbing as she tried to get out the words that her best friend died. The gasp, and the shock, in the frozen moments after those words spread in our house.

Remembering what it felt like in the weeks after I lost my own soul sister to sickness. At a loss for words to comfort my sister or to be able to explain why everything has to come falling down at once.

Strong diner coffee at breakfast this morning, after waking up to my niece and sister snuggled in bed with me.

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58611_1455529586103_7265429_nMy niece Sophia, sister Elissa and the very rare Tiffani.
Thank you, Tiff, for always being a sweetheart to our family and 
a lifelong sister to my sister. You will never be forgotten.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. Maggie says:

    What a great picture of Tiffany, your sister and Sophia! And little you. Too cute! Can’t wait to see the new sunnies!

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