Simpleness in the summer


Dear Summer,

Congratulations on finally getting me in the spirit, even if it is just with the tiniest morsels of color and sunshine and cool blue waters.

This summer, unlike others, isn’t coated with airline miles or weeks off work or planning long, long weekends away. It’s not that I don’t want to sleep in a Tahitian hut, because I SO do, but it’s a summer after a busy year of a travel and first half of 2015 that brought a lot of healing and loss and and processing – on so many fronts for so many people. This summer, in its strange but welcomed way, is subtly highlighted with tiny moments of sunshine and laughter that beg to be grasped in the moment they show up. I’m sort of enjoying it. Enjoying the ease. And the surprise.

My favorite times so far have been evenings spent sipping Pinot Grigio in warm pools with close friends. Impromptu sleepovers that end with coffee on the patio before you run off to work. Leaving work early to do nothing planned but enjoy a heatwave. Going to the farmers markets by yourself because you know you’ll find friends and stay until the sun has gone down. Leaving a basket of clothes, from swimsuits to pjs, in your car because you don’t know what will happen next. Dinners that consist of nothing more than eating chunks of gourmet cheese and fresh cucumber slices straight off the cutting board. They are small things. But this is my summer.

Thank you, summer.

And here are a few of those things:

I’ve been obsessed with cucumbers and tomatoes. My biggest fear is that I’ll run out before the next farmers market. lately_4aOne of the first summery nights included sunnies, golden light and Cabernet.lately_4While my amazing friend Andrea made the crazy hike up Mt. Whitney, I watched her cat. Translation: I sat on her couch, watched reruns of “Sex & the City” on her projector and drank my favorite wine while also eating a Creamsicle and pinning boho homes on Pinterest.lately_3If I must write on a Saturday, I figure it must be done outside by the pool.lately_5Post-spin-class soak with protein-coffee (aka a mix of cold-brew coffee, vanilla protein (Premier Protein cartons from Costco) and a little half and half). lately_6I’m all about the markets and farmers markets and gardens this summer. lately_6aPlucked off the tree and eaten while it was still warm from an afternoon under the sun.lately_19 lately_7A selfie while waiting to set up a booth at the farmer’s market on a 102-degree day. Because why not?lately_11Green tea. Book. Free People sunnies. After work at the lake.lately_9Fridays are best when you take a half day at work so you can celebrate one of your closest gal pal’s birthdays with wine slushies, sangria and fancy cheese. lately_8My friend’s having a baby! I’m so excited. I celebrated her little bean one afternoon with her close family, and it was gorgeous.lately_10I’ve recently discovered just how much I love hammocks. And so have my sister and niece. lately_12Can’t. Get. Up.lately_20 lately_12aCan you say “infused water.” It was a party hit.lately_14Dinners look a lot like this lately. Simple and fresh. lately_16A weekend drive with my pup. Happy.lately_18Eat your protein.       lately_21Poolside reading. lately_24All about the iced coffee in glass jars. lately_23Outside, simply.lately_22

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One Response to Simpleness in the summer

  1. Stacy says:

    LOOOOVE this post. I miss you.

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