Five Senses Monday

5-1Good morning, friends. Happy … June. Can you believe it? After 12 years of public school, it is still engrained in my brain that June officially kicks off the summer season. It makes me want to plan beach trips and rid my closet of all sweaters and corduroy. To make cold-brew coffee in mason jars and keep a bathing suit in my car for impromptu after-work dips.Those need to happen. Those will happen.

But now, here is Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses. Please play along in the comments and share, share, share your world.

Five Senses Monday

Tasting: My attempt at my mom’s cream of broccoli soup (lightened up with coconut milk and chicken broth instead of cream) … pretty tasty, guys. Iced green tea; I downed an entire pitcher by myself this weekend. Tuna with pickles and celery spread on sea salt Kashi crackers (Trader Joe’s albacore has my heart). Fancy steak – twice this week – with girlfriends; who said girly girls are all vegetarians?

Hearing: I broke out the Adele album in my car because we all need a little 2012 throwback sometimes. A new wi-fi connection in my office has reinvented my work experience with a little First Aid Kit and Lulu And The Lampshades on Spotify.

Seeing: The yard finally coming to life, including beautiful artichokes sprouting. A former writing professor’s newest novel sitting on the shelf of new releases at Barnes and Noble.

Feeling: My dogs passed out at my feet as I type this. It takes a lot to be the K-9 Michael Phelpses of the world. Anticipation for creative work projects. Deeply: for friends who are expecting babies; for friends who cry over their lost children; for friends who are in crossroads.

Smelling: The stench of thrift store finds when you get them home. Fresh cod sizzling in a hot pan. L’Occitane Face Mist. OMG – that’s my new favorite brand for everything.

And here are a few snapshots, just cus:

The cookbook aisle = home:5-13My very first creative writing professor has a new book on the shelves, and it was so exciting to see a familiar name while browsing Barnes and Noble today: 5-14Thrift store finds: Barry and a forgotten Jacob:5-12The broccoli soup:5-10Friends don’t let friends not share homegrown cherries:5-8Sunday morning bed head:     5-7Farmers market haul: 5-6I adopted a friends’ succulents and they totally bred: 5-5Here, there, everywhere: 5-5-11Leaning tower of pots: 5-4Growing! 5-3 5-2

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