Five Senses Monday

5-1Happy Memorial Day! Perhaps you’re waking up on this holiday in a beach house and sipping coffee with almond milk on the patio. Or maybe you’re gearing up for a day of shopping all those giant holiday sales. Or maybe you’re like me and waking up with absolutely no concrete plans — and oh-so-excited about it.

The weekend started Friday night after work with dinner with one of my bestestest girlfriends at our favorite place, where we go when we’re really in the mood to splurge on our favorite dishes (steak for me; fried chicken for her) that we order every time (one of these times I will have to take a picture). We then resorted back to high school and fell asleep in a mount of blankets on her floor after some good wine and better laughs. The rest of the weekend was so laid back and surprisingly care free as I just floated amongst friends and savored coffee dates, an evening barbecue, a champagne brunch, a country drive and, surprisingly, a bit of downtime. It has been pretty perfect, and there’s still today to go.

And so now, I say we jump into Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the past few days through the five senses. Feel free to join in and share yours in the comments or on your own blog!

Five Senses Monday

Tasting: An awesome local-grown asparagus omelet at Phillips Farms Winery & Cafe, the perfect Saturday morning breakfast. A barbecued hot dog, marinated in BBQ sauce, is the epitome of summer. Yogurts and Hawaiian squeezers and mimosas and homemade bread at a ladies’ backyard brunch. Nom. Greek yogurt in my protein shake, a new favorite.

Hearing: Bob Marley in the background. Dogs barking and grumbling because they want to swim. An older gent’ singing Taylor Swift’s “Take it Off.”

Feeling: L’Occitane on my hands (I’m resisting the urge to become obsessed with these skincare products). Thoughtful and contemplative, as friends and family work through those things that surprise us sometimes. Surprisingly settled. Hopeful.

Smelling: A failed attempt at roasted chickpeas. Oy.

Seeing: Sometimes too much Netflix. Other times, not enough.

And now, friends, here are just a few images of my life lately. I hope you enjoy this beautiful day.

The view from my Starbucks office recently:5-2This was heaven recently: 5-3I love when the yard starts to come to life with color and texture: 5-4 5-5 The view from a home-early day:5-6 And the pooches just dying to hear “go!”5-7 I skipped spin class one morning because I just wanted to take a little time to enjoy a cup of coffee in my favorite morning air. No regrets. 5-9 There’s a new coffeehouse in town. They have wi-fi. And good coffee. And actually want people to sit and stay a while. I’ve been waiting forever for my small town to get a cozy and inviting cafe. Yay.5-10 Post-coffee-run lounge with my gal pal and our pile of blankets. And the comfiest PJs (that I may someday try to wear as pants), ever.5-11

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