Life Lately

5-3-30-1Does anyone else, particularly any Californian, feel guilt every time you enjoy those early, early, early hot, hot, hot rays of sunshine or smile when you drive with the windows down because it’s so balmy and beautiful? I do. I feel like an awful, naive human for loving the sunshine when our state is bone dry and knowing that the summer is probably going to be a killer.

But what are you going to do? Not enjoy it? I figure we may as well enjoy it before we’re hiding from it in July and seeking A/C anywhere we can duck in.

I’ve been enjoying it with evening walks around our little lake and along our little river. I’ve been teasing the dogs with words like “pool?” “swim?” and “go?” and make them get a little antsy before I finally mean “go” and send them diving into the still-frigid pool. But they love it. And it means summer for my family. I’ve been enjoying drives through orchards and vineyards, even if it means taking the long way home. And those late-lit evenings. I do love those so, so much.

Life’s been quiet lately, which is rare. And an answered prayer and an accomplished goal. I don’t like when I can’t have my introvert time to recharge. It feels like the busy is trying to creep back in, and I’m having to learn how much of that I can/want to/need to allow. It’s always an interesting balance, isn’t it?

But anywhoo, here is a little peak at life lately. What’s been going on in your life?

A smoothie with some vitamin D:5-3-30-3

Driving with the windows down:5-3-30-2

Sleep style: All paws up: 5-3-30-4 

Jet bath and coconut milk ice cream. I believe it was just a Monday: 5-3-30-5

 No-guilt Saturday morning – coffee and a good read:5-3-30-6

The first caprese of the year. And a visit with a friend’s pooch: 5-3-30-7

A little journaling. A little planning:5-3-30-95-3-30-8 

I got new sunnies for summer:5-3-30-12 

This is them when I get home from work. Girl (and a boy) talk:5-3-30-13

I wanted some earrings I didn’t want to buy: IMG_4850

 Recipe planning:  IMG_5022

Where I sleep:IMG_5190

 Things may or may not happen:IMG_5649

I wanted to buy all the brown leather jackets at the thrift store:IMG_4762



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