Walking in the treetops | Costa Rican jungle bridges

forest_9405forest_9469forest_9395forest_9111Hi friends. There aren’t many words to say, except, let’s get lost in the jungle …

This was one of my favorite days in Costa Rica. Here, I wrote about the roadtrip to get here.

There wasn’t a lot of chatter. Just the pitter-patter of a few raindrops. The ruffling of leaves as monkeys swung from branches. The teasing hoot of birds in the distance.

forest_9257 forest_9241 forest_9239 forest_9238 forest_9237 forest_9229 forest_9217 forest_9215 forest_9207 forest_9204 forest_9199 forest_9198 forest_9194 forest_9193  forest_9186 forest_9165 forest_9164 forest_9162 forest_9146 forest_9145 forest_9142 forest_9127 forest_9125 forest_9121 forest_9120 forest_9118 forest_9112                 forest_9270 forest_9282forest_9313 forest_9286 forest-20forest_9473 forest_9618 forest_9595 forest_9592 forest_9588 forest_9543 forest_9540 forest_9535 forest_9533 forest_9531 forest_9526 forest_9525 forest_9523 forest_9518 forest_9514 forest_9508 forest_9505 forest_9497 forest_9496 forest_9489 forest_9487 forest_9486 forest_9485 forest_9482 forest_9479 forest_9475 forest_9331forest_9364forest_9351forest_9350forest_9343forest_9338forest_9337forest_9367forest_9395forest_9394forest_9392forest_9383forest_9376forest_9375forest_9371forest-40forest_9421forest_9412forest_9410forest_9409forest_9407forest_9405forest_9404forest_9399forest_9461forest_9458forest_9442forest_9440forest_9438forest_9431forest_9429forest_9424forest_9291

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