Roaming Nicaragua

nic_8639nic_8644nic_8668I fell in love with Nicaragua early in the morning. We hopped on a bus in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica, long before sunrise. We were the first to be picked up, the first to meet our guide, Marco, and our driver, Johnny. We were groggy and shy at first, but by the end of the day, we were calling each other family and sharing street food wrapped in banana leaves together. That’s just how I remember Nicaragua. Comfort. Smiles. Warmth. A strawberry-shake sunset. And leaving, unsure you’ll ever see Nicaragua or Johnny or Marco again, is a little heartbreaking.

Taking one day out of my Costa Rica vacation to see Nicaragua was entirely worth it. It’s been several months now, and I have such fond memories of that single day. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt very free that day; I felt lucky and exhilarated. I smiled through every one of Johnny’s close calls when his risky passes jerked everyone from their seats. I didn’t mind that the a/c stopped working a few hours in; it just meant it was time to braid my hair. I felt safe, even when the Americans were made to get off the bus at the border to be questioned and have their temperatures taken to make sure we weren’t bringing Ebola into the country.

Nicaragua blew my mind and made me realize I’m not the open-minded traveler I always imagined I was. It was beautiful, whereas I imagined hills of dirt and filth. I expected to be scared, but we were welcomed. I imagined I’d find ramshackle-life, and mostly, it was simple living surrounded by beauty.

These, my friends, are the nearly 20 hours I spent in Nicaragua. I hope you enjoy. 
nic-001 nic_8739 nic_8738 nic_8735 nic_8734 nic_8726 nic_8724 nic_8713 nic_8710 nic_8708 nic_8705 nic_8699 nic_8692 nic_8684 nic_8682 nic_8679 nic_8677 nic_8676 nic_8671Many of these photos were taken from the bus, but I quite enjoy their feel:
nic_8666 nic_8664 nic_8663 nic_8662 nic_8660 nic_8659 nic_8656Here, we hopped on a boat to explore Lake Nicaragua, a giant fresh-water later with sharks! Oh, and monkeys!
nic_8631 nic_8623 nic_8601 nic_8580 nic_8578 nic_8571 nic_8560 nic_8541 nic_8537 nic_8532 nic_8501 nic_8500 nic_8494 nic_8486 nic_8476 nic_8471 nic_8464 nic_8463 nic_8455 nic_8450 nic_8441 nic_8437 nic_8416 nic_8396 nic_8388 nic_8383 nic_8379 nic_8373 nic_8363 nic_8338 nic_8334 nic_8327 nic_8319 nic_8314 nic_8310 nic_8309 nic_8306 nic_8297 nic_8278 nic_8277 nic_8275 nic_8274 nic_8267 nic_8235 nic_8234 nic_8232 nic_8231 nic_8222 nic_8211 nic_8196 nic_8192 nic_8191 nic_8190 nic_8189 nic_8187 nic_8184 nic_8182 nic_8180 nic_8178 nic_8177 nic_8175 nic_8174 nic_8172 nic_8171 nic_8165 nic_8164 nic_8159 nic_8156 nic_8154 nic_8151 nic_8150 nic_8147 nic_8142 nic_8140 nic_8139 nic_8137 nic_8135 nic_8133 nic_8130 nic_8120 nic_8116 nic_8115 nic_8114 nic_8099 nic_8097 nic_8095 nic_8094 nic_8092 nic_8090 nic_8083 nic_8078 nic_8074

It makes me want to go back.

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