Crossing the Golden Gate | San Francisco

bridge_6790With our iced coffees in the cup holders and new mix CDs leading the way, we hit the freeway out of the valley before the late-summer heat burned through the morning chill. We made our way onto 205, through the windmills of the Altamont Pass and came out in the bay, with all of its bustling new construction, traffic and hilltop mansions.

I’d been talking about walking across the Golden Gate Bridge for years. And somehow, in one of our crazy conversations that people say they want to record because they would make the most amazing Twitter fodder, my friend Paco and I made plans to make the trek.

We first drove across the massive bridge that drifts above the Pacific Ocean, and parked in the lot farthest from the city. The early morning haze was still thick, but the lot was already full of people lining the lookout areas posing for group photos and selfies.

The bridge, though, was nearly empty. And that made us very happy. We took our time, hanging our heads over the ledge to look at ripples and seagulls diving in for breakfast. We walked partly with our heads tilted up in wonder at the iconic orange towers that help keep the structure in place. Everything was bigger than I expected. More intense. More technical.

It was loud.

The cars continued to zoom by because it is still the freeway, you realize. Looking into oncoming traffic, there is this strange feeling of being exposed and a little vulnerable between cables and cars and the cold, deep channel below.

I started to tune out the noise part way through, and Paco and I talked about all the runners and obvious tourists who brushed past us on the way and all of the random things we always end up talking about.

By the time we reached the other side, the pathway was crowded with people, and we were glad we made it out early enough to have the bridge largely to ourselves at first. We took in more people watching in the Bridge Pavilion and drank spiced chai and shopped before heading back over.
bridge_6792 bridge_6796 bridge_6814 bridge_6820 bridge_6832 bridge_6837 bridge_6840 bridge_6845 bridge_6848 bridge_6854 bridge_6856 bridge_6867 bridge_6882
bridge-2844 bridge-2846 bridge-2851bridge-6817bridge-6844bridge-6866bridge-6868bridge-6887        bridge-6915 bridge-6923 bridge-6934 bridge-6938 bridge-6960 bridge-6992 bridge-6997 bridge-7044 bridge-7045 bridge-7059 bridge2845bridge-6832

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3 Responses to Crossing the Golden Gate | San Francisco

  1. Thanks for taking us along with you! I am not sure how I found your blog but it is one of the few that speaks to me. Many blogs have SO MANY WORDS and rarely say anything.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you so much, Kate! I think that is the best compliment you could have given me in this current season of life, where I feel like the words have been more of a struggle. Sometimes I just want to take pictures and not say anything at all, and I’m glad you don’t feel like there are too few or too many. Truly, truly, thank you for reading — and looking : )

  2. Lydia Bess says:

    What wonderful pictures, an awesome experience, and one I must replicate when in SF again!! Thanks for sharing it with us! I feel similarly about wordiness, by the way. I’d love to simply make photos and let them do the talking themselves. It being a blog, though, I feel compelled to say something. Thanks again!!

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