Starbucks, Est. 1971 | Seattle

When in Seattle, do as the locals do — EXCEPT, do make it a point to go to the oldest Starbucks. You won’t catch a gaggle of locals in this joint — unless they have tourists on their arms — but you will see the original Starbucks logo in its full-frontal glory. You’ll also have some great entertainment by street vendors. You’ll be wooed by a wordsy and charming barista. You’ll wait waaaay too long — unless you follow my early-bird ways and get there before the neighboring produce pushers get their pomegranates in a row. You’ll see that a peppermint mocha tastes the same as it does back home. You will love it, and you will take home an expensive mug to remind you. (Note: my biggest regret in Seattle was not buying the mug. Thankfully, though, my coworker went the following week and brought me my new favorite coffee mug with the busty mermaid. Thank you!)

Also, my cousin, a Californian who proclaims he’s purely Seattle now, informed me that this is not actually the original Starbucks as everyone claims. It is the oldest, though, as the original one in Downtown no longer exists. Who knew, huh?starbucks-1

starbucks-2 starbucks-3 starbucks-4

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One Response to Starbucks, Est. 1971 | Seattle

  1. Maggie says:

    I would definitely go do this in Seattle! I wonder if it’s really competitive among the baristas to work there!

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