Life Lately, the Seattle version

pikes-1So let it begin. This is the first of numerous Seattle posts I’ll be sharing very soon. You’ll see so much tourist-a-licious stuff and sights I saw with my local cousin and things I researched and read about before I made my way north (like a whole store dedicated to cookbooks and an awesome nursery with a cafe and koi pond! No, I’m not your average tourist).

To begin, here is a little sampling from a few days in the Emerald City. I saw the charm of the city and why so many of my friends want to pack their backs and move there.

Breakfast on Capitol Hill:seattle-40A store for cookbooks! seattle-4The markets!pikes-26What did the chicken say to the unicorn?pikes-22Pendleton blankets at the Chihuly museum:chih-1My favorite glass-blown sculpture by Chihuly:chih-7The Space Needle from my hotel bed:needle-1That time Frida and Diego had me over for taco Tuesday:pikes-53Places like this:seattle-1Elvis, keep your hands to yourself:pikes-21On top of the Space Needle at Sunset:needle-13My favorite author wrote a book about opening this restaurant, so I had to go:delancey_2Downtown Seattle from the west side:beach-5When in Seattle, visit this massive nursery:nursery-1My favorite eats: Lemon curd yogurt from the yogurt guy and Piroshky’s. OMG. Both at Pike.pikes-11True tourists hunt for bridge trolls.seattle-2The oldest Starbucks is a happening place:starbucks-4


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