Life Lately

five-1The blooms have popped up in the backyard. five-2 five-2aA friend made me a salad for lunch recently and she mixed a can of tuna to go with it. It was my first time having tuna since high school, and now I’m totally on a tuna kick. I love the albacore from Trader Joe’s, and I mix it with a little diced red onion, celery, dill pickle and TJ’s organic mayo that reminds me of Miracle Whip (I realize some people think that’s gross, but to me, it’s like childhood summers). Then, I add my favorite: fresh summer tomatoes.
five-3 I take salads for lunch most days, and I try to keep them interesting. This is one of my favorites: strawberries, spinach, asparagus, cous cous, toasted almonds and raspberry vinaigrette.five-4 When a friend from Missouri, who lives in D.C., but has spent the summer in Russia, comes to visit, you splurge on dessert and talk about the research she’s doing for her PhD in Russian history. You just do.five-5 My sister made me dinner one night. Cous cous spinach salad with vegetable samosas and mint chutney. She’s on her way to being vegan, and it’s fun to see what she’s eating.five-6 I’ve been trying to stay away from too many breads, but the other day I bought a loaf of seven-grain bread from the farmers market, and made garden tomato sandwiches with it all weekend. I divided the loaf so I could freeze some of it. Didn’t last long, though, because I thawed it the following weekend and binged on more tomato sandwiches.  five-7 I celebrated National Night Out in my aunt’s neighborhood last week. It’s one of my favorite neighborhood events. The dough and sauce is provided, but everyone brings their favorite toppings. Then, they’re fired in the brick oven and we all share. five-8 five-9 five-10 five-11 five-12 five-13 My new obsession is the veggetti, the little gadget that turns vegetables like zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and carrots into noodles. I’ve made shoestring baked sweet potato fries, fettucini alfredo, garlic pasta with portobello mushrooms and a Greek salad with Feta cheese. I love it!five-15five-14five-16It was even my dinner at the movie on the lawn.
five-18 And then there’s this, renewing my passport.five-19 Because this is happening in a few months, and I’m so excited.five-20

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5 Responses to Life Lately

  1. Lydia Bess says:

    Wonderfulness and deliciousness in pictures!!

  2. Indigo says:

    Wow! All this food looks so delicious! And now I am hungry!
    I found your blog about a week and a half ago and am thoroughly enjoying. You are very interesting and have such a beautiful and refreshing way of looking at life.
    I plan on hanging around because I’m your fan now 🙂
    Have a lovely evening…

  3. Maggie says:

    I’m so behind on all the blogs! This all looks wonderful and makes me already miss summer! How did it go by so fast!?! I definitely want to do a fall party soon with pumpkin carving and cider… Maybe next week!

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