Baby Rowan (or, the newborn who sleeps in the garden … he’s already cool like that)

blog_rowan_6290blog_rowan_6179_2blog_rowan_6223I love that the first time I ever saw little Rowan Peter he was wrapped tight like a wonton and fast asleep in his crib in middle of rose bushes and a bean tower. He’s a special one, that little Love Bug, the one who brings so much love and so many smiles to his parent’s faces. I recently shared Shoshanna and Eric’s maternity session in their garden (here), and I was so happy when Shoshanna asked me to visit again, and to capture Rowan in his first week of life. Perhaps more than most, Shoshanna and Eric understand love and loss and desire, and it makes my incredibly happy to feel the love so strong between these three. I love every one of those snuggles and smiles and turtle stretches (all of which I’m sure he will roll his eyes at in 15 years).

Thank you, Eric and Shoshanna, for letting me into the cocoon of your home during such a precious time.

blog_rowan_6236blog_rowan_6208blog_rowan_6188blog_rowan_6182rowan-3rowan-4blog_rowan_6241 rowan-1 blog_rowan_6337blog_rowan_6285blog_rowan_6326-a blog_rowan_6341

blog_rowan_6657 blog_rowan_6648 blog_rowan_6640blog_rowan_6638blog_rowan_6637 blog_rowan_6631 blog_rowan_6626 blog_rowan_6624 blog_rowan_6612 blog_rowan_6592 blog_rowan_6588-2 blog_rowan_6584 blog_rowan_6577 blog_rowan_6569 blog_rowan_6546 blog_rowan_6528 blog_rowan_6521 blog_rowan_6520 blog_rowan_6517 blog_rowan_6505 blog_rowan_6503 blog_rowan_6480 blog_rowan_6476 blog_rowan_6471 blog_rowan_6466 blog_rowan_6453 blog_rowan_6444 blog_rowan_6438 blog_rowan_6431-1 blog_rowan_6423-2 blog_rowan_6416 blog_rowan_6393 blog_rowan_6367 blog_rowan_6290-2blog_rowan_6400

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