Kelli & Ryan say I Do | Aptos wedding


I met this ’60-s lovin’, doe-eyed girl with an obsession for zombies and Hershey’s Cookies & Cream almost a year ago. And then a few weeks ago, I watched her marry the blue-eyed, videogame-loving boy she’s been gushing ever since.

On the steps of an old building surrounded by a towering forest in the Aptos hills, Kelli and Ryan said their I Do’s amongst thirty of their most-cherished people.

It was a day they won’t forget. One that started with floral arrangements designed that morning at the inn and a wedding dress’ broken zipper (good luck, actually). There was champagne and strawberries, endless layers of liquid eyeliner, a pink little sum’n, laughs between friends, phone calls from the groom and the that rush of relief and excitement when the show was ready to hit the road.

The ceremony was heartfelt, with the ceremony lead by a best friends and lovely poems read by close friends. In the end, there were plenty of kisses, lots of laughing, hair-flinging dancing and cheers by everyone.

Congratulations, Kelli and Ryan. Thank you for letting me capture your details.


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