Four days on the beach | Dillon Beach 2014

blog-dillon14_2642It was another year at Dillon Beach. Another year of oysters on the grill. Of dogs running off of their leashes and into those foamy waves. Of those blue hues in the morning, and golden flare in the evening, and all those warm rays warming my skin in between.

Dillon Beach on the Marin County coastline has been a friend-and-family tradition for years now. I’ve shared with you here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here – I guess I’m a little obsessed.

This year, I found myself on the sandy shoreline most days, where my Aussie/Chow and I usually had the beach to ourselves. She loved to greet passing dogs and seeing just how far she could walk into a wave before it would topple over her back and her eyes would get wide and she’d hop out to dry safety. I was most happy with my summery magazine stack, Kindle loaded with new books and a beach blanket.

Here’s a peak, all taken with le trust iPhone.

blog-dillon14_2240Oysters on the first night / Garden veggies for dinner / Red Saltwater sandals with a red cocktail:blog-dillon-3 blog-dillon-4My favorite time of day / Sun setting over the dunes:blog-dillon-51 That light on the pier / Crabbing for days and days:blog-dillon-5blog-dillon-7 blog-dillon-7aCountdown to pull in the crab nets:blog-dillon-8 blog-dillon-7bAn oldie, but goodie / Lawsons Landing:blog-dillon-7cblog-dillon-7dMy aunt and my dog / Two of my favorite things:blog-dillon-6blog-dillon-9 blog-dillon-10 I couldn’t resist climbing the dunes just before dark / Well worth it:blog-dillon-11 blog-dillon-12blog-dillon-14ablog-dillon-13blog-dillon-14cblog-dillon-18blog-dillon-15Sara pup was scared of fireworks / Aunt Jo let her on the camper couch, while I nestled in the dog bed on the floor:
blog-dillon-19 Wanderings:blog-dillon-20 I love the colors and the shadows:blog-dillon-21 blog-dillon-22 blog-dillon-23 blog-dillon-24My attempt for “healthy” / And my family:blog-dillon-25blog-dillon-26The trailerhood:blog-dillon-28blog-dillon-29

blog-dillon-32 blog-dillon-33 Would you call this a doggie eye roll? / “Another selfie, mom?”blog-dillon-36 blog-dillon-37 Her favorite place in the blog-dillon-39 blog-dillon-40 blog-dillon-41 blog-dillon-42 Beachcombing:blog-dillon-43 blog-dillon-44 blog-dillon-45 blog-dillon-46 blog-dillon-47 blog-dillon-49 blog-dillon-50

Until next time …

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One Response to Four days on the beach | Dillon Beach 2014

  1. Stacy says:

    As always Lauren, you take the most beautiful and amazing pictures.

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