Loving Love Bug

blog_1I met Shoshanna and Eric on a camping trip earlier this summer. I liked them from the beginning: they described their blooming garden; they made homemade yogurt for breakfast at the picnic table (yep, I remember those weird things); they led us in beautiful songs around the campfire, Eric on the guitar and Shoshanna doing lead back-up with her sweet voice.

They were also crazy in love with Love Bug, that little baby growing so big and lively in Shoshanna’s belly. That baby is going to be so infused with love, I thought.

The other night, as the sun was turning that golden color of summer, I joined the growing family at their home, a garden oasis in the suburbs, and tried to capture their life. Belly rubs. Picking the basil. Collecting brown chicken eggs. Grilling the most delicious dinner (and then devouring Eric’s homemade peach cobbler — omg). Doing their thang.

And four days later, quite earlier than expected, Love Bug decided to join the world. I can’t wait to meet you Rowan Peter! (Thank you for waiting until we could take a few pictures). You are so incredibly loved by your momma and daddy, but also by all of us self-proclaimed aunts and uncles.

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One Response to Loving Love Bug

  1. Beautiful pics once again L….what a treasure for this darling couple!

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