The River Calm


I’m not gonna lie – a few months ago I thought of selling my kayak.

“Whaaa?” you gasp.

I know, I know. But, to be honest, it can sometimes feel like a clunky, beacoup-work, hobby when you’re doing it solo. I have a fairly large kayak (the dog needs lounge space), so loading and unloading it by myself doesn’t really happen without adding a few scratches to my car. And there’s the whole: “Am I really going to do this by myself?” and “If I want to take someone with me, it’s double the work and double the chance that I didn’t tie down two kayaks on top of my car correctly.” (I almost lost a paddle board once – oy).

But then …

Then … the best thing happened.

All of a sudden, a whole swarm of friends bought kayaks and paddle boards. It was the best news, ever. We started going on the weekends and planning (we’re still planning) week night paddles (we need non-homeless-camp, post-dark launch sites, if you happen to know any?). We paddle the Mokelumne River that is so close to our home, and we constantly say “this is the best, ever” and “I can’t believe we have this in our backyard.” We never get tired of turtles perched on logs and making fun of my dog’s inability to keep her eyes open when the river starts to lull her to sleep.

I can’t believe I was going to sell because now when I miss a weekend paddle, I really miss it. This summer season has only just begun, and I know we’ll be spending many more afternoons out on those waters. Can’t wait.

Here is a little glimpse into a recent paddle, in which my dog Sara wanted to relax and nap, and my friend Sara wanted to explore places with spiders and shark twiggy scratchy things.

kayak_3 kayak_20 Like I said …kayak_19 kayak_16 Sara pup is not impressed with shallow marshy waters:kayak_15 kayak_14 kayak_13 kayak_12kayak_9 kayak_10kayak_11kayak_8 kayak_5 kayak_4


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2 Responses to The River Calm

  1. Maggie says:

    Yayayayayayay! That would of been the worst if you would of sold it right when everyone was buying one! Love how intrepid Sara, the pup, looks in her life vest!

  2. Sara girl is way cool in her life jacket! Looks like an awesome day!

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