Five Senses Monday (and some adopted succulents)

succ1I’m trying to nurture my green thumb with indoor plants and succulents (I’ve murdered a few of each). When a friend asked if I wanted the clippings from the succulents taking over his yard, I was so excited to give them a new home. “Just please stay alive,” I whispered to them as I transplated them into the set of pink pots I bought with no idea of what I’d plant in them. Around the same time, my aunt gave me clippings from a plant that was growing like crazy in her living room. I’ll give it a try, I told her. After all, the plant was one she rescued from a coworker’s desk. When she took it home, it was almost dead, but came back to life and just flourished. If it didn’t die then, surely I can try slightly and keep it alive. It’s been a few weeks, and so far, so good. Now, I just have to find a permanent location for them, instead of just hanging out on the deck.

succ2 succ3succ4 succ5

And now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday, a tradition that hasn’t been too lively the last few months. I’m excited to bring it back, and to take a few Monday moments to reflect on all the little things. So here we go …
Tasting: A fresh summer dinner prepared by friends with a lot of their homegrown goodness. Grilled, sliced sweet potatoes and zucchini. BBQ chicken. Grilled sweet corn. A salad with orchard apples and Brussels sprouts. A cranberry and fresh peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream creaminess. Mmm.
Hearing: Droplets from the hose hitting the thick leaves of zucchini plants. Stevie Nicks in the Fleetwood Mac CD I found in the glove box. The hissing and popping of fireworks (for weeks, neighbors — really?) that send my dogs into my arms to shiver and shake for the span of the evening.
Seeing: Out of the corner of my eye, a dozen (so far, out of a stack of 24) foreign and art films; ones a friend loaned me to help me get through the weekend in which I planned to catch up on editing engagement and wedding photos (I broke my rule a little and didn’t ground myself the entire three-day weekend). Because I was mainly listening to the films while working on photos, I only watched ones in English … bummer.
Feeling: Productive. Like some weekends at home are the perfect vacation. A little shopping. A little lunching. A lot of closet renovation. A lot of editing. A nice amount of gym time. A car smogged. A little over an hour spent in the theater crying over this movie.
Smelling: Oh, barbecue. Here. There. Everywhere.



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