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lately_0 Hi, friends. I know I haven’t been in this space much. I’m not sure why, exactly. Everything seems so busy all the time, yet it’s just normal every day stuff. Just like everyone else. Just like you. But I have so much to share here. So many pieces of every day, simple life. A few day trips. A few things growing. A few smiles.

This is just a little peak of what’s been going on, a quick look into my phone’s Camera Roll of those teensy moments I clicked “just in case I need to remember this later.”lately_7

I shot a friend’s wedding in Santa Cruz over the weekend. I broke out some old cameras for fun. There were floral arrangement on the fly:
lately_5What you see in the bride’s suite, stays in the brides suite. #noquestions:
lately_6I woke up at 4:30 the day after the wedding and couldn’t go back to sleep. I took a lingering shower, watched the season 2 finale of “Orange is the New Black” and enjoyed my comfy hotel bed near the beach. When the city was awake, I went downtown for some of my favorite shops and enjoyed a little coffee and quiche. Sometimes solo exploring is perfection.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI visited the Aptos pier, a little memorial site for a friend who passed away several years ago.
Before I drove home, I sat at the window bar of the Pixie Deli, the little eatery that was a staple of so many beach trips.lately_1I’m excited for garden season. This is what happened after I said, “I wonder what happens if we just let the lettuce grow.”lately_8 lately_8a lately_8b lately_9There was no easy way to let him know he wasn’t invited to the party:
lately_10 My mom’s creation: Kale chips seasoned with crushed dried veggies.lately_10AThis is the only way I can eat sweet potatoes. Roasted like fries:lately_10BExcited, though I heard that maybe I shouldn’t be. What do you think?lately_11Want:lately_12Cindy made this amazing gypsy tambourine, and I absolutely adore it. I’ll post about it very soon because it’s just that’s special:lately_13The details! Swoon!lately_14I’ve also been here a lot. The gym, in general. But spin, mostly. And now, the weight room. It’s kinda fun. And I was pretty stoked that a spin teacher thought I’d been taking spin classes forever.lately_15The Kindle is amazing for the elliptical:lately_15AMy new obsession: Berry protein shakes:lately_16I love these lids for glass Ball jars.lately_17Morning coffee, mom-style. My mom’s been doing the pour-over style since before all those hipsters opened their trendy coffee shops.lately_18Found an old Locke pic of mine in the local tourism magazine, Life & Style:lately_18aThe farmers market is here, and so are outings with old friends:lately_19I’ve been scaling back. Like, really. I usually have my walls covered in art and photos, but for the first time I ever, I just want room to breathe:lately_20I’d been wanting to see “Wicked” forevs. Finally, we made it. lately_21

Well, that’s been my mellow, yet busy, life lately. I have a lot to catch up and share with you in the space, so come back soon.

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