This was Mule Days

mule_days_2 mule_days_3 mule_days_4 mule_days_5 Yesterday, I told you about my drive to the desert and the week I spent there traipsing around old-school storefronts, running my fingers over the soft, shiny coats of mules and dining on plastic picnic tables with amazing people I barely know but who feel like handfuls of favorite aunts and uncles.

This is a little more of that. A little more of the Bloody Mary’s neighbor John would stir up way too early (I won’t mention how I broke a golden rule and snacked on celery that everyone claimed as garnish for those amazing red Marys). There were heart-shaped sunglasses and blue skies on rainy days. There was a man named Fiddler Pete who serenaded us as we loaded our plates in the potluck aisle. A renaissance couple who man a pirate ship continued fascinating stories from the year before. There were more college students running around the arena in their tight whiteys. Cus that’s what you do at Mule Days.

Here’s a peak …

mule_days_6 mule_days_7 mule_days_8 mule_days_9 mule_days_10 mule_days_11 mule_days_12 mule_days_13 mule_days_14 mule_days_15 mule_days_16 mule_days_17 mule_days_19 mule_days_20 mule_days_20a mule_days_21 mule_days_22 mule_days_23 mule_days_24 mule_days_26 mule_days_27 mule_days_28 mule_days_29 mule_days_30 mule_days_31 mule_days_32 mule_days_33 mule_days_34

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One Response to This was Mule Days

  1. So down to earth! Real life and celebration! Love it!

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