Camping and kayaking

camp_9336We drove 45 minutes out of town and, voila: it was as though we were on a real vacation.

We kayaked, stopping to water loaf and drink beer, until dinnertime. We finished cooking in the dark, and everyone spread bowls of kales and greens and fruits and pastas on the communal table lit with a lantern. In between bites of her sausage, a little girl proudly showed me her drawings from the day — our campground, its tents, an arched tree and the lake in the distance. With the moon over in its corner, we looked at its craters and rough surface through the lens of a telescope. We watched a fire blaze higher and higher, and as it did, the men strummed the banjo and guitar and we sang old songs that everyone remembered from different times in their lives. I was the first one to drift, and sometime after midnight I lay in the bed in the back of my car and fell asleep to the sounds of those strings and my new and old friends giggling and singing away.

Everyone slept long. Sara pup, sore from the previous day’s 5K and a day of kayaking, never left her cozy spot in the car after her first morning potty run. She slept as the rest of us made simple breakfast and drank coffee from three French presses and passed a fancy bottle of champagne back and forth around that picnic table. When it was time to go home, I hopped in the front seat and drove home, Sara and our bed still sprawled in the back.

We drove 45 minutes back to town, and vacation was over. At least until another weekend comes again. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageI stuck my waterproof iPhone under the water and got this shot of the lake’s floor. Kinda weird and freaky:ImageAs it got later, the wind picked up and the water slapped the front of the boat as we battled back to shore. Sara didn’t like the water in her face or the new, loud sound, so she turned around to face me. Very awkward. Very scary, if you’re not completely sure she’s not going to slip and fall in middle of the lake. I paddled like crazy back to shore, where she then faced forward and decided she didn’t want to get off the kayak:ImageI’m okay, really, she says. See those little dots in the background? Those are my friends I paddled away from when I thought I needed to get my dog to shore. It was kind of a lot of work:ImageImage5-1Sara and I proved we can sleep comfortably in back of the toaster (aka Scion):Image


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  1. What a fun time with friends!

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