Let garden season begin

ImageImageImageImageI’ve been a bad, bad blogger, friends. I’m sorry. I’m trying to find balance with this weather and work and writing and editing photos and watering plants and summer food. And then, today, I decided I really need to read more. Like really read. Like not just skimming Bloglovin and reading captions on Instagram photos. It doesn’t mean I’ve started reading anything yet, but I have a new Kindle full of books and that e-reader revolution was supposed to make me a better reader. This is not what I came here to write about, but who cares — I think I was mainly going to apologize and then show some Hipstamatic pics of me playing with the donkeys.

So here we go. Here are some Hipstamatic pics of me playing with donkeys **insert smile here**

Actually, these are from earlier this month, when my aunt and I finally built the raised beds we’ve been planning for a year. We did a huge garden together last year, if you remember. I ate as many tomatoes as I could and gave away bags of produce, but she was traveling a lot and I only had so many peeps to pawn my spaghetti squash onto, so I think we’re downsizing this year. Maybe. (Honestly, I think we say that every year). So we will see.

Like I said, we made our own raised beds. I mastered the old school drill (it was more heavy duty than the “new skool” one) and enjoyed my girl power moment. We plopped the boxes onto the garden plot, where a decade of chicken wandering has made the soil oh-so-perfect for growing things. We filled the beds with a mix of dirt she purchased (leftover from another home project) and rich and healthy compost (years of rotten veggies, egg shells and coffee grounds are the key to a good garden). Next up, we’ll plant seeds and small plants. Don’t worry, you’ll be updated **insert wink here**


ImageImageImageAfter our hard work, we made a Lowe’s run, which involved lunch at the BBQ  joint where the soft-serve is free.ImageWhen the grass is this green, the donkeys are only allowed to graze for a couple of hours a day (too much green is unhealthy), so I made it a point to go hang with them. I think they were annoyed I was slowing down their short span for green consumption. ImageImageImageImageImageImageOh, Zamora, you giant dinosaur:
ImageImageImageZipper has the cutest face:

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