Five Senses Tuesday

It’s been a while since Five Senses Monday, hasn’t it? I guess there are a lot of reasons for the delay: Internet was down while we switched services; I’ve been trying to spend a lot more time moving and cooking (less time on the bed Internet-ing); and, I guess, too, there are those times when you don’t entirely feel like rehashing and digging and sharing … it happens every so often.

But, we have Internet again (whoa, it’s nice) and I finally uploaded some images of recently. If you are in the mood for rehashing and pondering, feel free to play along in the comments — or keep them to yourself if you feel like. Happy Tuesday, friends (I hope you didn’t wake up thinking it was Friday, like I did).

Five Senses Monday Tuesday

Seeing: Raindrops as we got a much-needed heavy rain this past weekend; the wetlands … wet … once again. The pages of my Kindle flip by as I finished “Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” I was drawn in by the creepy cool photos.

Hearing: A friend showing me his whole world of music, from Arabic to Spanish, Italian and “hipster.” It’s all new to me and I’m in awe.

Tasting: Lemon ricotta pancakes at one of my favorite little eateries, The Food Bar in Petaluma. Honey almonds from the roadside stand. Garlic, clarified butter and crab at my first-ever crab feed (I mainly stuck to the endless tri-tip since crab’s not really my thing). Chai lattes, the sugar-free kind, last week; I was on a kick. Speaking of kicks, I can’t get enough of this salad: dried cranberries, sliced roasted almonds, feta cheese (fat free), spinach and greens, red onion, chopped chicken and raspberry vinaigrette (avocado would be amazing, too).

Feeling: So happy and free walking around Downtown Petaluma in the heavy rain. Our hair was soaked and our glasses were too wet to keep on our faces, but we kept laughing and not caring one bit. I even found a $20 bill soaked on a deserted sidewalk, which paid for our seed-started kit at the garden store. Thank you, Petaluma, for buying us our garden.

Smelling: Some awful soggy thrifts stores (we decided to take a thrifting detour to Fairfield; it didn’t really go as planned). The lemon in those pancakes.


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