48 hours in Bodega Bay


I have sort of a soft spot for dune grass and those little holes that chickenpock the sand as the sea foam rolls out. It had been forever since I’d walked through those long strains of grass or drug the tips of my toes over those holes. Maybe not forever — but a few months. And it made me antsy inside.

So last Friday, I left my company dinner sometime after 9 and drove to meet fellow campers in Bodega Bay just before midnight (a little video of me on the road). 

They’d been there a few days, and had my sleeping bag and pillows made for me on the foldout camper couch. Heaven, basically.  The night was crisp and refreshing, and though I’d planned on enjoying a lazy morning on the coast, I was wide awake before 5 a.m. Arriving to the beach after daylight and hearing the teasing waves from camp gave me a subconscious urge to get up and go out. And so we did. We through on the coffee. And we went to the water’s edge.

 Over and over again. 


A little video of the waves here.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage
I left late Sunday evening, making sure I didn’t waste a single weekend second.

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One Response to 48 hours in Bodega Bay

  1. liz says:

    Such beautiful photos!

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