Five Senses Monday


^ A morning in bed with a new magazine (below). I’ve really, really, really reigned myself in on the magazine obsession, but once in a while, I can’t resist a brand new beautiful creation, such as this.


^ After watching several movies at the film festival in town, Monica and I played in the university’s fountain, which gets filled with bubbles at the start of every new semester. 


^ An impromptu breakfast with neighborhood favorites. I never say no to a room full of men donning spatulas and coffee mugs. It’s kinda my thing.


^ Family dinner. Prime rib, broccoli soup, taters, salads, you get the big picture. Joseph wanted cake.


^ If I’ve ever been a regular, it was at this little cafe. On their very last day at this location, three regulars ordered regular sunrise specials and I got my regular redneck coffee (cocoa and coffee). They just moved down the street, but I liked this old building filled with cowboy stuff.


^ A pea salad was made. No, I’m neither 74 or from the midwest. But I do love that salad.


^ She melts my heart. She sleeps this way. In middle of the bed. In middle of everything.


^ Instead of goals, I drew up — literally — my intentions for the year. Taking the time to sketch and color really gave me time to think about each element of my life.


^ Chicken tortilla soup, sans the tortillas. It was tasty and healthy, but I got tired of it before the pot was finished.  Anyone have any tips on cooking in large batches?


^ Hello, Emmelia.


^ Stuffed chicken.


Feeling: A soft comfort under piles of blankets. A certain kind of quiet lately; not particularly lonely or melancholy, just more … quiet. Cashmere scarves around my neck, though it doesn’t take long before they feel too much. On track again – with this body and those thoughts. A deep urge to go some place; even while driving home from the gym tonight, I felt the urge to pull onto the freeway and just somewhere, no matter if I was sweaty and gross and looking forward to a simple night hovered over the kitchen counter.

Hearing: My grandma — “your only grandmother,” she reminds me — on the other end of the phone, telling me about her dearest friend with stage 4 cancer, who tonight caught a flight out to the Philippines, where she wants to spend her last days with the children she hasn’t seen in 26 years. Friends organized a fundraiser to raise airline fare for her and her nurse, as well as a refrigerator for her children because they simply don’t have one.

Smelling: Garlic; I’m on another kick. Citrus: From the oranges I’ve been eating and the new perfume on my wrist.

Seeing: After several years of avoiding lackluster films in the theater, I started making up for lost theater time. Three days were spent at our local international film festival, and I’ve enjoyed hunching into a dark theater with Hunger Games, Walter Mitty, Saving Mr. Banks and American Hustle. I never watch that many movies, but I have no regrets. Oh, how I’ve missed the movies.

Tasting: I’m back on a fresh and healthy kick. At the same time, I’m really trying to take plan my trips to the market and get the most bang for my buck. That means, I’ve been eating Feta-and-spinach-stuffed chicken breasts for a couple of days, though they are so flavorful I don’t mind. I also made “rice” by running steamed cauliflower through the food processor. And I’m getting ready to make pita pockets with ground turkey and homemade tzatziki sauce – which I’m pretty pumped about.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. cindy says:

    So much fun to travel thru your week with you!

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