This was December

Wowsers — are we really on the brink of being done with the holidays? I can’t believe we’ve done Christmas and New Year’s is this week. It feels really strange to me. Like scary strange. You too? Oh, maybe you like to buy Valentine’s candy in December? It’s the stuff right next to the 75 percent off Christmas candy. No thank you.

As the month zoomed by, I snapped a few photos along the way. But none of them are what I feel like December should look like. There is no snow, no ice skates, no mittens — just a little bit of a Christmas tree. 

Here we go …

Breakfast burritos before a day of homemade ravioli prepping:
Too many screens?
A bowl of Brussels:
A friend made a jar of chai spice:Image
Dinner out:
We said goodbye to the sweetest 18-year-old niece kitty : (

My aunt’s wacky tree:
A night out with my sister to watch local roller derby girls dance Christmas burlesque:
Killa Priest (you know, of Wu-Tang?) came out with us:
Christmas eve dinner with the parents and grandparents:
Helping my parents fold breakfast burrito for the homeless on Christmas morning. They handed out more than 100 burritos and a car load of blankets:

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