Five Senses Tuesday


In one week, I soaked beside an orange tree in a backyard jacuzzi and scraped white ice off of my windshield with a credit card. Friends, it’s winter in California. Now, when we say, “It’s, like, so freezing outside,” we’re legitimately correct — at least if we pronounce that in middle of the night. 

I’ve been, “like, so freezing” in my house, too. The heater broke and it took the magical heater elf four days to come out to tell us he needs to order a part from the magical land of heat. Thank God for firewood and blankets and space heaters (even though running too many of those made the house’s electrical go “KaPow,” and not in the good superhero way) … but I digress. 

Now, it’s time for what we’re really here for, Five Senses Tuesday (because I was too cold to type this on Monday). Play along if your fingers aren’t frozen. 

Seeing: So many college students with their noses in their books and iPhones sitting in this Barnes and Noble Cafe. They give each other nervous good luck wishes for final exams, and it is making me miss those college days a bit. A girl with braids like ropes on top of her head, and I’m thoroughly in awe. My reflection in a shiny new gold mug; it makes morning coffee so much more interesting and fancy. The neighborhood cat trying to sneak into my front door, where four wanna-be ferocious dogs wait on the other side. A beautiful orchid Maggie gave me as an office-warming present.

Feeling: Pretty good. Amazed that telling myself to trust and enjoy the journey actually worked. Lucky I haven’t gotten the cold that is attacking everyone around me (I’m knockin’ on some sturdy mahogany for that one). Nervous about starting hot yoga for real. That chill in the air. 

Hearing: The voices of two girls I’ve missed a ton as we caught up in a bedroom while visiting a skittish kitty. Big laughs from the man who speaks like a professor. A man and woman recommit to each other 50 years after they said their vows the first time. Christmas music over these B&N speakers making me nostalgic.

Tasting: A massive employee breakfast … can you say cupboard of cheese blintzes? Chipotle, because it’s always good. See’s Candies; it was a mad house. My first Christmas cookie, the perfect afternoon snowman surprise. The perfect whipped cream frosting on a wedding cupcake.

Smelling: Pesto from the summer; so glad I froze it back when the basil was fresh. 

A few photos from lately:

ImageCindy, Emma and I planned to decorate Cindy’s Christmas tree. We got as far as assembling the tree, part way. We got distracted, but it was still one of my favorite evenings in a long, long time.Image

ImageA really white meal: white wine and white cheddar Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese. And, working with wine:ImageExcitement is learning to light a fire and keep it going during an entire work-from-home day:ImageRecent baths may have included wine, reading and MadMen.Image That orange tree.ImageI tested my Lifeproof waterproof case and sunk my phone under the water in the hot tub. Still going. ImageLittle shame about spending a freezing cold Saturday morning in bed with a few paws and some Brene Brown.ImageThis pretty little orchid. Maggie calls it our friendship plant. If it dies, I think our friendship does too. The pressure!ImageMy lovely little snowman in a scarf from a tall man in a scarf.ImageGame night with all sorts of friends. Have you heard of Cards Against Humanity?ImageI’m in love with this tambourine-shakin’ lady I found in the chapel’s stained glass.ImageAnd the ceremony; perfectly beautiful.Image

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One Response to Five Senses Tuesday

  1. cindy says:

    Your blog posts are one of the best things in my life. Each word/photo is an expression of your wise and tender heart. Lucky me. xoxo

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