The six days of birthday week

Oh, birthday week!

The amazingness all started several years ago when Maggie showered me with gifts and birthday fun every day. And so, a birthday week tradition began. The best tradition, ever.

Last week, we celebrated Maggie’s birthday week (a month before her actual birthday because she’s a Christmastime baby and is always at home in Missouri for her actual birthday week … we improvise).

Here’s how it went down:

Day 1We met for 7 a.m. birthday mochas at our favorite Starbucks and then opened presents in the backseat of the car. She’s mustache-obsessed, so naturally, I made her a burlap mustache pillow. She’s also an editor, which is why I could geek out and give her a grammar style book. ImageImageImageDay 2
On Tuesday, Maggie came to my office for lunch and we picnicked on homemade salads (chicken, blueberries, marinated feta and candied pecans — oh, my). We continued the facial hair theme: A “beards, they grow on you” beer glass, “I mustache you for another glass” cocktail napkins, a mustache necklace and a “Duck Dynasty” car freshner. We’re random people, people. Because she was having a hard day and had to work late, I dropped off a half-caf mocha when I got off.
ImageImageImageDay 3
A busy day for us both, so we met for lunch at Bon Appetit. It was a hospitality/dining under the influence themed day: Amy Sedaris’s “I like you” hosting book, new tights (cus classy hostesses wear tights), cupcake tea towels and a cupcake apron.
Day 4
This day was so much fun. We dined at Crush Kitchen with our friend Sara and Maggie’s beau, Ryan. We had cocktails and edamame pita and gnochi (well, I did) and dessert, too. Ryan MADE her the most adorable penguin cookie cutter (she loves penguins as much as she does mustaches). On day No. 4, I gave her a wood-carved mustache jewelry box, “I heart mustache” locket and “Marcel the Shell” children’s book based on our favorite YouTube shell (watch it here!).ImageImageImageDay 5
This might have been my favorite day. It included live theater (“Les Mis”) and a sleepover at my aunt Jo’s house, complete with a fruity cream cake she made for us. Maggie opened a framed mustache earring holder that matches the burlap pillow from Day 1. She also unwrapped the Gangsta Rap coloring book that I’ve been dying to give her for months … and a few other little things, too. She was pretty excited.ImageDay 6
Day 5 officially concluded the birthday week festivities, but we kept it going through Day 6. We went to our usual breakfast spot with Aunt Jo and our friend Paul, who gave Maggie one of the most hilarious gifts, ever: ImageWe spent the day scouring thrift stores and then ended with a nice dinner and movie.
ImageWe went back home, and with all of my dogs excited to have Aunt Maggie over for a visit, we called it a week. A very good week.ImageImage

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5 Responses to The six days of birthday week

  1. Cindy says:

    What fun! Love all the pics of you and Mags…a couple if true blue beauties!

  2. Lois Creamer says:

    Lauren. – you are the best! Maggie loved her birthday week. The best gift you continue to give her – your friendship. I adore you!

  3. Amber Henry says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I like this post. I almost feel like I was there to celebrate! Miss my partners-in-crime soooo so much. Can we have a Skype date soon???

  4. Chatique says:

    Great post! I love the idea of celebrating the bday person for a week in many small meaningful ways. Will definitely be borrowing that concepts! Thanks for mentioning the book I Love You by Amy Sedaris and The Kinfolk Table. Time with loved ones is so precious…It’s well worth the effort to make it a memorable experience. Keep up the great work!!!

  5. ur an amazing friend Lauren…loved the Marcel the shell video…i so needed that laugh today…was the movie About Time any good?

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