Five Senses Monday

ImageImageFamily time. Puppy greetings. Whipped-cream topped crepes. Movies-in-bed afternoons. Morning roadtrips. Chocolate covered espresso beans. That’s life in a very abbreviated nutshell. What about you? How are you? What’s going on in your world? 

And now, let’s do Five Senses Monday. Let’s reflect. Please share your reflections, too.

A breakfast crepe during breakfast with my niece, Sophia. A double mocha, too. Savory and sweet cheeses during an impromptu morning drive to the cheese store in the foothills. One even tasted like coconut. Chinese takeout with the grandparents.

The crackling fire burning in our new fire pit made from a washing machine drum. Grandma asking if we can sneak away to the thrift store; um, of course. Girl talk over homemade chicken salads sweetened up with raspberries and candied pecans.

Still in that mood to curl up with a book as soon as the sun sets (so flipping early!). Sometimes vulnerable, which I think is refreshing and honest in its own way.

LeeLoo, my sister’s new super cute poodle go cray-cray. The leaves turning shades of fluorescent fall. Sophia sitting across from me, so grown up for her age and now feeling more like a friend than ever as she gives ME advice on life.

Curry, curry, curry! And garlic Naan bread. Yep. And mushroom, white bean and tomato soup from “Kinfolk Table.”ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. I can’t believe how much she has grown up!

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