Five Senses … Tuesday


The seasons are having their own internal conundrum. It reached the mid-70s over the weekend, but the mornings were frosty and oh-so-chilly. After going to breakfast in flip-flops (I thought I could handle another flip-flop morning. Not so.), I switched into fuzzy slippers. Outside, the pool looked inviting and sparkly under a bright blue sun. But my toes were still cold. It was still a Sunday for movies and reading. What did you do this weekend?

And now, here is Five Senses Monday … on a Tuesday.

People excited about writing as this month’s NaNoWriMo gives them the extra push to get creative.

Leaves in the pool — we’re bad about that this time of year. “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” a sweet movie from a friend, because it’s a Wes Anderson movie I missed. “Put a Bird On It” (I tried explaining it to my parents. They didn’t get it. So I showed them. They still think it’s stupid. I mean, it’s supposed to be, guys).

The urge to travel to places like India and San Miguel de Allende and Italy, especially after reading Laura Fraser’s travel book “All Over the Map.” It’s suddenly gotten me back to that place where there is little else I want to do but get lost in chapter after chapter of a good book.

My first glass of egg nog of the year, with a splash of whiskey. Chili Colorado, margaritas on the rocks, “more salsa, please” with my aunt as we had an impromptu therapy session in a big booth at a Mexican restaurant.

Mom’s pot roast cooking. Parsley in the mushroom, white bean and tomato soup I made from “Kinfolk Table.”

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One Response to Five Senses … Tuesday

  1. amarticus says:

    Oh I love this! “Five Senses” is a really cool blog topic! I may or may not be using this on Friday! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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