My (mid-) Fall Manifesto



Fall snuck up on us more than a month ago, but I think I’ve been in denial. As long as the sunsets promised golden light and tomato plants produced, it couldn’t possibly be fall. But it was. It has been. And now I can’t avoid it any longer. The blankets, packed away when we began shedding summer layers, are once again stacked high on the bed. Morning stays dark until it’s too late to be enjoyed, and the sun falls into the earth long before I’m ready to lock myself inside for the night. This is when I know nothing else but curling up, cocooning, being still and quiet. This is why I need a manifesto. Perhaps a little late, though right on time with that chill in the air, these are the things I want to do as fall ends and winter arrives. Some are huge. Some are small. Some won’t happen. But then, we’ll just try again later.

Shoot more film. (must. remove. broken. roll.)

Plant a winter garden.

bootsWear the funky rubber cowboy boots painted by that artist in D.C.

Finish “the” photo books.

Photograph spiderwebs.

Pluck Brussels sprouts from their stalk and roast them. Nom.

Finally pick up your pumpkin-orange Polaroid SX-70 and use that brand spankin’ new box of Impossible Project film.

Pick apples.

And persimmons.

delta_64Eat ramen at the new noodle house in Locke.

Make the house smell mighty fine with cider.

Write one, two, three, maybe four freelance stories.

fall-2Drive to Long Beach and hug my friend and those babies of hers.

Watch a movie in a theater. It’s sad how long it’s been since I’ve been.

Finish at least two of the books I said I couldn’t live without.

skateWatch the ice skaters.

Sit around a campfire on a cool evening.

Make a new home.

Spend a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen making something from this beauty.

Visit two local wineries I’ve always meant to visit, but never have.

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3 Responses to My (mid-) Fall Manifesto

  1. BeingZhenya says:

    I love those rain boots! And the list is great! Good luck, and I hope you blog about all these adventures!

  2. So glad I stumbled into your blog and subscribed. Love both your photos and writing. And I just may copy your “Fall Manifesto” (with crediting the source, of course) for a blog post myself!

  3. Amber Henry says:

    Pack up the “brave little toaster,” throw Maggie in the passenger seat and go visit Amber in Texas!!!!!! That’s a grand idea! I miss my friends…

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