Fire up your Dutch ovens

ImageImageThis year marked the 10th anniversary of a neighborhood event that centers around food, outdoor cooking and friends. The DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering; previously blogged here), aka pot party, brought about 60 neighbors and their families together to cook in cast iron Dutch ovens heated with coals.

Here’s a little of the day:

Making monkey bread has become a tradition, but this year, I stuffed the small pieces of dough with cream cheese. Oh, yes, I did.ImageThe pre-party: Table setip includes burgers on the grill.ImageImageImageEveryone gets set up and the beginning of beef bourguignon:ImageDave’s rig for his Louisianna gumbo:ImageYou’ve got to have veggies, too — Maggie (aka Veggie) stir fried the garlic and green beans. A favorite.ImageImageImageImageImageImageThere’s no shortage.ImageImageImageImageImageImageIt was another successful year of Dutch oven cooking.

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2 Responses to Fire up your Dutch ovens

  1. brandi poole says:

    Mmmm. Makes me hungry!

  2. I so enjoy the Dutch Oven Adventures. What a marvelous neighborhood event. Thanks, Lauren, for sharing!

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