A little bit of lately, a dining out version

Hi friends. Life’s been so busy and a little insane. There are lots of new things, and David Bowie’s “Ch-ch-changes!” keeps ringing through my brain. During these times, like any functioning and mature adult, I find myself with friends — often at places where there is food and, once in a while — if we’re being honest, something cold clinking and clanking in a glass. Just sayin’. You get it.

Here’s a little sum’n from the the land of linen-topped tables (and wine barrel tabletops, too):ImageThis wasn’t for pleasure (though it so was), it was for work. I’m writing about an awesome new restaurant in town that is pretty organic, mostly gluten free and gets its produce from a 20-year-old local farmer. ImageYou see that tritip? It was butchered, smoked, sliced and devoured in the premises. ImageCaught red handed! Or is it plate-handed?ImagePetit deliciousness.Image So one day we went out for lunch to celebrate a big new thing, and there was lots of hand and arm motion on their part. ImageThe farmers market season end involved:  friends, live music behind a tasting room and two pitchers of sangria. ImageThat sausage. It’s the best.ImageFeel better.

There’s more to share here, and I will be back very soon. Happy short week!

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2 Responses to A little bit of lately, a dining out version

  1. Dee says:

    Can you say where the restaurant is? Always good stuff from you and yours.

    • Lauren says:

      Sure, the first one is Topwater Cafe, the second with the girls is Crush Kitchen and the place with the sangria is Jeremy Wine Co. They are all in Downtown Lodi.

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