Lost in Locke, once again

ImageDo you remember when you were little and every toy or experience became “my new favorite”? Well, this day, not so many days ago, is my new favorite day. My friend Cindy and I went to our favorite town on the river, Locke, and meandered before any of the Chinese medicine shops or galleries opened their doors for the day. Every once in a while, one of us feels the need to get lost in Locke and all of its quirky details. This time, we both felt the urge to go back.

I appreciate this place for the way it stays true to its past and the people who made it before and make it today. It’s not a place for everyone. There are cats, lots of them, and the residents work together to keep their food bowls filled. There is garbage; not trash, but more like ruins from remodel projects and and jerry-rigged structures. It’s touristy, yet not a place every tourist would “get” if they were wanting a fancy meal or shop that sells hoodies with “L.O.C.K.E.” embroidered on the front.

Here are some photos to take you along our walk. (I also wrote about Locke here and here and many other places on this blog).ImageImageI’m obsessed with the succulents. My goal in life is to have an amazing succulent garden.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageFunky hangout area. I dig it.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageA bench from a Chevy tailgate:ImageImageImageC taking pictures in the memorial garden. I’m amused that you can see her phone’s shutter closing:ImageImageImageImageImageImageWhy, yes, I would seriously consider moving in. Seriously. Thinking. Seriously.ImageImage“Cold Beer in my Hand” and “Forever Okay.”ImageImageImageImageImageShe did. And I’m so glad someone else is keeping them up in homage to her. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageA new place! I’m so excited for this to open. It looks so cute.ImageImageImageImageImageLights in the trees … yes, please.ImageImageImageImageImageImageThe community gardens are charming.ImageImageImageImageAnd like I said, this is my new favorite day. After Locke, C and I drove along the river to Midtown Sacramento. We ate at the crepe place for lunch, shopped at the trendy Goodwill (it does exist), went to the art store, the paper store and then had ah-maz-ing white cake and apple pie at Rick’s Dessert Cafe. I went home utterly rejuvenated and ready for bed.

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One Response to Lost in Locke, once again

  1. carla c. says:

    I love your photos!! They’re amazing. Congrats!

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