Five Senses Monday

ImageHappy Monday, friends! It’s August. Can you believe it? I really, really can’t. The way time passes just makes me think a lot. It also makes me want to take advantage of the good times when I can — which is why I took a day off work this week to trek up to beautiful Lake Tahoe for the day. Just a day.

I went with my cousin Steve, who visited for a few days from Seattle. We also went with his mom, my aunt, aka slot machine addict. Steve and I laughed pretty much the entire time. We’re birthday twins (five years apart), but I’m pretty sure that has something to do with our deep connection that keeps us and everyone else laughing pretty much constantly.

He’s already gone, somewhere along the coast on his solo journey following the ocean back to Seattle. Drive safe, cuz. Miss you already.Image^^ We stopped partway at Kirkwood Ski Resort.

vv This is Steve. I love how this cross-processed photo makes him look like he has a beard of Pine Trees. A real mountain man. Image

ImageImage^^ I shot film. Yay!ImageMy goal for the day was to put my toes in Lake Tahoe. Done and Done. Several times.ImageImageImage^^ Steve being all nice to his mom on the lake. Hashtag family : )ImageAt some point, we had a bonfire. Last time you saw these girls, they were lighting fireworks with blow blow torches. This week, they used big knives to carve marshmallow roasters.ImageImage

And now it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the past few days through the five senses. Play along in the comments or on your own blog/Facebook/etc.

Five Senses Monday:

The warmth of a bonfire on a work night … that’s how we do it. So happy I got to see my cousin and soul-birthday-twin cousin who visited from Seattle this week. The cool and refreshing water of Tahoe crashing against my legs. That pressure that comes with making life decisions. The coziness of a sweatshirt for the first time in a long while. Chilly mornings; cold toes. So sad and stressed for a kitty I thought we were going to have to say goodbye to.

That fire burning. Marrakesh Oil on my hair (likee). Chocolate cake in the oven.

Random old songs as we flipped the channels looking for something not-so-staticky. The cha-chinging of slot machines as my cousin and I waited for my aunt to win big at the casino.

A surprisingly flavorful turkey burger from Harrah’s Casino in Tahoe. A roadtrip raspberry iced mocha, introduced to me by cousin Steve. Enchiladas homemade by aunt Jo at our family dinner — even the sauce was homemade! No joke. A vat of guacamole (made by yours truly with $30 of avocados, garden tomatoes, red onion and, yes, cheese). A mega s’more, by the fire …. yes, amazing.

Sisters playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark.

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